Capital Grill

“We were so happy with your kitchen hood cleaning service. Your team went above and beyond. They were on time, professional and honest.”

Dunkin Donuts

“Alex and Team were fantastic. They took their time and did the job right. Thanks Guys!”

Breakfast Club
Joe P.

“My kitchen hood has never been this clean and I’ve been in business for 30 years!”

Angelos Restorante

“Thank you, again! Your service was exemplary, and I look forward to seeing you in 6 Months.”

Giuseppe’s Pizza

“The crew was at my restaurant on time, did a great job, and cleaned up. What more could I ask for?“

Cranston Country Club
Tiffany B.

“You guys did a GREAT job, and please put us on your schedule every 90 Days!”

Tiki In

“Thank you for coming. Nice job!”