When will my hood cleaning be scheduled?

We will work around your schedule.

I have not had my Kitchen Exhaust Cleaned in a long time

We will clean your complete Kitchen Exhaust Hood to comply with NFPA 96 standards, with that said if your system has not been maintained properly it may take multiple cleanings to comply.

Do you offer terms?

We are a small family owned business and at this time the only forms of payment we accept are Cash or Check after the service has been completed.

How long will it take?

We clean your system thoroughly, that means we clean the entire Duct System, Filters and the Hood.

When should I get my system cleaned?

It depends on your volume and the type of cooking. Most Restaurants should be cleaned at minimum every 6 months.

Will you clean up after the service

Yes, we will.

Will you notify the restauraunt if there are any issues with our kitchen exhaust system ?

We will leave you a report after your cleaning.

Our insurance company is requiring our kitchen hood to be degreased. Can you help us ?

Absolutely, if you receive a notice from your insurance company please contact us ASAP.

Our filters need to be replaced, can we buy new filters from you?

Yes, we have relationships with all of the major filter companies.

Do you charge by the hour or by the job?

We offer a professional service, our fee is a mixture of both by the hour and the job.

My fan is not working properly, can you repair it?

Yes we can, we will need to come out to your restauraunt and diagnose the issue.

Do you charge a diagnostic fee for roof top fan repair or hood repair?

Yes we do, during regular business hours our diagnostic fee is $99 for emergency calls, after hours our fee is $149. These fees are only to diagnose the issue and do not include and parts or actual repair.

Will you come out to my establishment and provide a free quote?

In most cases our quotes are provided via a virtual call. If you rather us come out to your restaurant we reserve the right to access a trip fee which is to be paid at time of appointment. If we both decide to do business the trip fee will be credited towards your next cleaning.

Are you the cheapest?

No, we are not, we provide a professional experience, that means we will arrive on time, we will communicate with management, we will use trade specific machinery and tools to do the job correctly, we will clean up after ourselves, and lastly our employees are all covered under Workers Compensation Insurance.